Monday, July 26, 2004

Baltimore MD

Baltimore Photo

Baltimore was in ways very cool and other ways slightly disappointing. We hooked up with Randy, Sue and the boys at our hotel which was only a block away from Camden Yards. We walked down to the inner harbor area for dinner on Thursday night.

Friday we started early with a trip to Camden Yards to check it out during the day. I didn't know that the O's were in town. We were tempted to buy tickets for the night. Luckily we didn't because the evening was quite rainy and we weren't equipped for standing in the rain. I did get some good photos of the park, walking through an open gate that wasn't supposed to be open (as I was later informed).

We then walked to inner harbor and got on a water taxi to take us to Fells Point. It's a district that is currently being slowly renovated. Judging from the dress codes prominently displayed on the entrance to every bar it appears that Fells point has a gang problem they are addressing. After lunch in a park there we walked around and then hopped on another water taxi to Fort McHenry. Things started getting interesting now.

Fort McHenry is where the American forces withstood a 25 hour bombardment from the British during the War of 1812. Francis Scott Key wrote the words to the star spangled banner on board a American ship stationed behind the bombarding British fleet after negotiating the freedom of an American prisoner. The fort then went on to have a colorful history serving as a prison during the Civil War and as a Hospital during WW I. It is the only place designated both a national landmark and a historic site.

All of the rangers were thorough in their knowledge of fort history and one of the older gentlemen has personally met 6 US Presidents because they often come to the fort on Flag day.

Then we grabbed a quick bite to eat before caravaning down to Washington DC.


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