Thursday, August 12, 2004

Caspar, Wy Aug 7

Moved one state further west and made a side trip to Devil's Tower. We got some great pictures of climbers halfway up the structure. Once again by going off the beaten path we got to see some things not visible from the parking lot. One of things we got to see was the remnants of the original wooden ladder built up the side of the tower that allowed the first ascent. Even using that ladder there is no way I would attempt to climb up 530 feet of sheer rock. It's impressive geology and well worth the 30 minute detour (each way) off I-90, even if you do get stuck behind an RV. Drove through the least populated state in the Union for an additional 3 hours to reach Casper. It was nice to see mountains in the distance. Washington license plates are becoming more frequently spotted. We're still lacking Vermont, Mississippi and Hawaii on our hunt for every plate in the Union. I'm pretty sure we would have gotten Vt if we had started this game in New England, Hawaii I can understand not seeing but Mississippi? Does everyone from Miss. refuse to leave the state?


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